(Towards A Happy Community)
"India International Intellectual Society"                                                                              "The membership of IIIS is open until 2012"

Objectives of the Society

The following objectives are as given bellow

  • To provide an intellectual and healthy environment to members.
  • To organize cultural events with different Governmental Agencies and invite the designators.
  • To organize bimonthly social gatherings in which we can get a chance to converse with each other and have healthy discussions on different issues.
  • To buy a block of land in the NCR to build flats for society members.
  • To organize international meetings of intellectuals once a year in India and once in every three years in different countries.
  • To organize some issue based Workshops and Conferences and give recommendations to the different concerned agencies at national and international level.
  • To send our permanent members to the UN and other agency's meetings to share the experiences and latest knowledge and help in their recommendations or output.
  • To give suggestions from the output to the Government of India and other country's Governments for the best solutions to the problems.
  • To felicitate people for their great work at local, national and international levels.
  • To reduce poverty and make a peaceful and healthy environment will also be the aim of the society.
  • To provide scholarships to support the education of poor and needy students at School, College and University levels.
  • To establish an Intellectual Club in the NCR. Delhi.
  • To invite ministers, bureaucrats, social workers and businessmen to speak at functions at local, national and international levels.
  • To form an Advisory Committee in helping members of the society to help needy people to be educated.
  • To provide and render monetary help and assistance for the weak and persons affected by natural calamities and disasters at national and international level.
  • To extend support to the UN and its agencies like UNESCO, UNICEF, UNIDO, WHO, ILO, University for Peace and others in their endeavor to achieve World Peace, Justice and Equality.
  • To stablish schools, colleges, and universities for providing the best education for the needy people.
  • to help the comunity during any disasters at national and international level.

What are the Benefits?

With the fast life of modern times it is very important to have a platform where we have a healthy environment to share our problems, help each other and also give a hand to help the World Community. After becoming a member of this society, you would always feel that all members are just like your family members and you will have a great opportunity to travel the World by using the system of house exchange in your vacation period. The children of members would benefit greatly from the cultural interchange of various countries and get good friend circle at international level,

On Diversity:-

The IIIS, as a Trust, is fully committed to the principles of Equality and Diversity, based on geographical representatives in spite of gender, class, sexual preference, age, religion, culture, political perspective and areas of expertise in research and education. Such diversity should be reflected in the IIIS council, the executive committee and the officers of the organizations, the regional associations and other such branches of the Trust that may be established in the future.

Advocacy and Lobbying:-

The IIIS takes a lead in advocating and lobbying for all persons and institutions to address disaster risk reduction as a threat and challenge to the pursuit and achievement of sustainable developmental goals for India and abroad, particularly in relevance to poverty reduction goals and strategies. Concerted and well coordinated long-term processes are put into place which enable the IIIS and its workers to overcome these uncertainties. The IIIS has been contributing to the process of forming State wide Youth Clubs for teaching about Disaster Management involved with disaster risk reduction in India and abroad.

Strategy Formulation and Planning:-

The IIIS provides an impetus to the Government, developmental partners and non-governmental agencies at local, national and international levels in recognizing the need to integrate disaster risk reduction into developmental policies, programmes and projects. Awareness, Knowledge and Communication: The IIIS has engaged in the process of providing essential support for conceptualizing risks associated with disaster and how to manage disasters through the knowledge of prevention, preparedness and mitigation. In this respect, the IIIS has developed and disseminated much material for the Information Education and Communication (IEC) Institution which contributes greatly to the development of awareness


The IIIS has long-standing relationship with actors and agencies of both government and non-government organizations from community to national and the international level. The IIIS has functional collaborative partnership with relevant government ministries, departments, and other agencies, regional, national and international organizations.

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