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"India International Intellectual Society"                                                                              "The membership of IIIS is open until 2012"

(Application form for Membership)


  • Please fill out all spaces completely and neatly.
  • If you require more space for any of your answers, please feel free to use the back of this form or another sheet of paper.
  • There are no refunds if you are accepted into the India International Intellectual Society.
  • Return this form with your Cheque for Rs.20, 000 for Indian and Rs. 50,000 for Developed nations made payable to India International Intellectual Society, New Delhi to:.

India International Intellectual Society (IIIS)

K-1/129 Chitranjan Park, Near Lodhi Road
Ne Delhi 110019.
E-mail: firstiiis@gmail.com
Terms and Conditions:

The Rules of the society provide for membership of the society from among academics, practicing administrators at senior level including the alumini of the society. The eligibility requirements for membership and the procedure of admission are as under:

For Membership
  • Serving or Retired Members of All India Services, Central & State Service Officers at the equivalent senior level and abroad would be eligible.
  • Application from foreign academics (subject matter specialists), Excellencies and diplomats of countries with whom IIIS have signed MoUs, may be considered for membership on merit .
  • Retired Professors/Readers of relevant disciplines and also Education Administrators and other eminent persons would be considered for membership of the society.


1. The applicant is required to fill up the prescribed form, which can be recieved from IIIS headquarter on payment of Rs. 500/- (non-refundable) in cash or through Bank Draft in favour of India International Intellectual Society, New Delhi. The society offers life/Annual, Corporate, Associate and Student Membership, for which different membership application forms are prescribed. Therefore, the request for membership application form should specify the type of membership applied.

2. The application will be considered by the Screening Committee for Admission of New Members. The recommendation of the Screening Committee as approved by the Executive Council will be communicated to the applicant who generally takes 2-3 months.

3. In the event of the applicant getting admission as member, he/she shall be required to pay membership subscription through Cash or Demand Draft in favour of India International Intellectual Society,New Delhi, as follows:

i. Membership Rs. 20000/-
ii. Corporate A s per details given overleaf;


The Executive Council may, on application in the prescribed form, admit on such conditions as may be specified in each case, as a Corporate Member of the institute, any authority of organization with the public services, any approved association of members of any of such services, any University Department or institute devoted to the study of public administration, any statutory corporation, any joint stock company, any registered society, or any registered business establishment.

The annual subscription payable by Corporate Members shall be as follows

i. Public Sector and Statutory Corporations, Government Companies and Business Establishments:

a. Whose subscribed capital is Rupees one crore and above – Rs 30,000/-

b. Whose subscribed capital is below Rupees one crore – Rs 20,000/-

ii. State Government/ Union Territories – A minimum of Rs. 20,000/- per annum

iii. Other (Research Institutions, Govt. Deptts., University Deptts./Colleges etc.) – Rs. 20,000/-.

A Corporate member may, at any time, compound its liability to pay annual subscription for twenty years by making a lumpsum payment equal to ten times the amount of annual subscription.

Members who make a donation of not less than Rs. 50,000/- shall be called “Donor Members”.

Note: Application for Corporate Membership should be submitted wherever possible with the latest Annual Report, Audited Statement of Accounts, and Memorandum of Association & Rules.

Upon acceptance, you will receive a certificate and membership card in 4-5 weeks. You must be at least 25 years of age to apply. The fee of Rs. 20,000 for Indian members, $US 1000 for Developed Nations will be applied to life membership fee. If you are not accepted for membership, the above mentioned fee will be refunded. All decisions for membership are final. You may try applying again in one year’s time. Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of: India International Intellectual Society, New Delhi.

Note: Kindly attach your two latest photos, one for our record and another for the ID card with above mentioned Demand Draft.
We can all make the best Intellectual Family at an International level ! Your strength is our energy! Join the IIIS and travel the World with family free of cost! The IIIS has no boundary!,
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